The Hear It, Use It Weekly Round-Up

Finally -- a Hear It, Use It Weekly Round-Up on its regularly scheduled day! I love being out and about and guest posting at new places, but sometimes it's nice to stay home and in once place for a while, too. So thanks for hopping and skipping after me these last couple of weeks -- I'm going to stick around my own backyard for a bit now!

And the Round-Up picks for this week:

"Am I Totally Blind" at In Him We Live and Move and Have Our Being -- Sue tells the story of waking up in utter pitch blackness and wondering for a moment if she has actually gone blind. This is a story of growing trust, and as a chronic worrier, I take comfort in Sue's progress.

"Me a Princess" at HeARTworks -- Have you seen Patsy's God-inspired art? I love visiting her each week to soak up her creativity and to see how she has artfully interpreted God's word. This week her writing and art are based on the book of Jonah, one of my personal favorites (maybe because I can relate to stubborn Jonah so darn much!).

"The Pop Quiz" at Godspotting with Sheila -- Oh boy I can relate to this post about struggling with humility. Sheila talks about the public nature of blog-writing, and her conclusions about who she gives credit to made me squirm...I suspect because they hit a little too close to home!

"Hunger for Heaven" at If Meadows Speak -- I think we've all slogged through spiritually dry periods, and this post by Tammy so beautifully captures the feeling of recovering from that difficult period and emerging out the other side. I felt like shouting, "Hurrah!!" by the end of this post!

"Sometimes You Gotta Knock" at Heartprints for God -- Stacy's post reminds me of a revelation I had recently: that I can't expect to hear God's answer if I don't even bother to ask. I  love this especially: "We try this and we try that. Then, we try this and that again. Over and over. One idea, one notion, one strategy after another. But, knock? Nope. We seldom think to do that. And yet, this is exactly what Jesus invites us to do. Could it be any simpler than that?!"  

"In Which Twiz Find Herself Martha" at Twixt Downs and Sea -- So much raw honesty and truth here. Twiz gets at the heart of our fear, and then presents this miraculous solution: that Jesus sees our needs...without our even asking.  

...And come back tomorrow to find out why I bought a pair of boots instead of a new camera!

Michelle DeRusha  – (October 7, 2011 at 9:38 AM)  

And I am so grateful for your presence here, Stacy -- you are such an encouragement!

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