Spirituality: The Big Definition

Have you heard of Rob Bell? My dad introduced me to him last year – he sent me Bell’s book Velvet Elvis, which is phenomenal. Buzz and I are on parallel spiritual journeys – I like to tease him, reminding him that since he got a late start he better kick the spiritual quest into overdrive before he runs out of time (this type of humor is acceptable in my family). But seriously, I think one of the greatest gifts I have received so far in this quest has been that it’s opened the lines of communication between my dad and me. I feel like we have a stronger connection, something in common – ideas to exchange, books to mail back and forth, conversations had over pancakes and coffee when he and my mom visit us in Nebraska.

But back to Rob Bell. He founded a church called Mars Hill in Michigan in the late 1990s, which in a few short years grew to 11,000 members. Bell is also a Christian writer, and he has produced a series of short Christian films called NOOMA. I loved his book Velvet Elvis – it's accessible, fresh and inspiring (although I find his staccato writing style a little distracting). And Bell himself is young and energetic, a little bit edgy – a lot like my brother-in-law Matt, but more prone to quoting the Bible. Here’s a short piece I found on YouTube, a snippet from Bell’s Everything is Spiritual DVD. Check it out:

I love Bell's definition of spiritual; it's so broad, so all-encompassing. I never really thought about it that way before. I think I box my spirituality into a particular corner of my life, rather than letting it expand out to its fullest potential. Do you tend to do the same?

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